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The Future of

Welcome to a new way to build, earn rewards, and create in the metaverse, where shoppers, sellers and MallStars work together for mutual benefit!

Take control of your Web3 shopping experience, with shared ownership, transparency, security, and privacy built in.
Over 50,000 MallStars already registered and completed more than 1 Million tasks.
Earn from popular brands
Collaborate with your favourite brands and unlock the full potential of your Web3 e-commerce journey with Mallconomy's Rewards Hub.

Earn rewards and contribute to the success of your preferred brands by shopping through our platform. Start earning today and maximize your returns on every purchase!
Stake & Earn
Earn more from your favourite brands. Stake your NFTs or Tokens to unlock faster rewards in our Rewards Hub.
Supercharge earnings with MallCards!
Take your earning potential to new heights with any of your MallCards NFTs.
Community First Marketplace
Experience the future of e-commerce with Mallconomy's NFT Marketplace. Discover and
purchase unique, one-of-a-kind NFTs from talented creators and artists from all around the world.

With Mallconomy's NFT Marketplace, you're not just buying NFTs – you're contributing to the growth of a
decentralized society "DeSoc" retail and shopping platform. Join us and be a part of the future of e-commerce today.
Earn $WOOT tokens with every purchase on Mallconomy's NFT Marketplace and maximize your returns. Shop now and start earning!
Passive Income
Benefit as an early investor to Web3's most exciting new projects, refer your friends and receive a cut of each NFT sale.
3D Creator Studio
Create to earn with Mallconomy 3D Creator Studio. Share, sell or partner with brands to grow in the Metaverse!
MallCard Benefit
Be it silver, gold, platinum, or the mighty diamond, your MallCard is a gateway to a plethora of earning potential!
The Future of Decentralised e-commerce
The ultimate Metaverse
Marketplace for buyers and sellers! Mallconomy's Marketplace is a one of kind, Web3 store, where the power is in the hands of our community. Vote for the projects you love, market the best to your network.
Launch your own store
Create to earn with Mallconomy 3D Creator Studio. Share, sell or partner with brands to grow in the Metaverse!
Work & Earn
Engage with Mallconomy's Rewards Hub to earn passive income, build your Metaverse profile, work with respected brands and earn ample rewards from our partners.
Land Sale
Don't miss out on Mallconomy's upcoming land sale. Become a MallCard owner now and start your journey to become a shop owner!
Catch the Next Big Project with Mallconomy Launchpads
Are you tired of missing all the greatest projects, joining too late or getting dumped on? That changes with Mallconomy! Mallconomy users never miss any projects and catch them as early as possible at ICO, Launchpad or Private Sale stages.
Tinder Like
Expect a Tinder-like approach to investing! So you can express interest in a project with a quick, right swipe and easily explore investment opportunities. Another reason to hold a MallCard NFT.
MallCard Benefit
NFT holders also gain exclusive access to Mallconomy's Launchpad while having priority access to invest in the hottest new projects!
Meet the Team
Our team combines a wealth of community building and gamification in Web2 and Web3 experience, and we're backed by the multi award winning team at Frontier Flow.
Zack Yurtsever
CEO & Co-Founder
Serial entrepreneur co-founded FCA regulated fintech Pynk, 20+ years tech & start-up experience, in crypto since 2016
Yigit Nalkiran
CTO & Co-Founder
15+ years tech & start-up experience, Worked with European Union, Pynk and co-founded Otoredi, in crypto since 2017
Team Mallconomy combines a wealth of experience in product and game development, business operations and has an exceptional track record in building digital communities in both the Web2 and Web3 spaces.

In total, we are a team of 16, positioned across 4 continents, with ambition to grow!
Al Wallace
Marketing Lead
7+ years of marketing experince of F&B, Retail and Fintech, in Crypto since 2015
Deyner Fernandez
Growth Lead
7+ years of growth experience of Fintech and Web3. in Crypto since 2016
Burak Efe
Gaming Lead
8+ years of gaming and guild experience, Co-founder of G4FF gaming guild, in crypto since 2018
Ugur Yetiskin
Creative Lead
14+ years of experience in Motion Graphic Design & CGI, in Crypto since 2020
Key Advisors
Significant advisor interest from some of the top key advisors in the Web3 space
Michael Gord
+7 years of Blockchain experience, co-founder of GDA Capital, Metaverse Group and NFT BAZL. Serial entrepreneur and disruptive technology investor
Daniel Cronin
+10 years of Fintech and Banking experience, founder of Integrated Finance, Angel Investor and Advisor of the Sandbox
Erika Rosenstein
+5 years PR and investor relations experience with tech start-ups, politicians and a Global Fortune 500
Rupert Barksfield
+15 years start-up experience, founder of Amulet and worked with Google and Android.
Sammy Verghese
6 x Founder. Entrepreneur, Investor & Advisor for multiple blockchain and Web2 projects. Portfolio manager in Web3 for HNW clients. Raised $25 million+
Sercan Altundas
+5 years of Metaverse and Gaming Development experience. The Developer of Ready Player Me.
Robert Gray
10 years of global recruitment experience across iGaming, fintech & retail with Pentasia, Headcount, WMI and CPL
Contact one of our dedicated business development heroes for partnership or collaboration enquiries.
Aslan Kaan Şahin
Collabration Manager
Simon Wheeldon
Business Dev
Stefano Baldassari
Business Dev
Karlo Koren
Business Dev
Mallconomy Roadmap
  • Project Initialisation
  • Website and MallStar App Launch
  • Secure Advisory Board
  • Build a community of 10K MallStars
  • Secure Tech Partnerships
  • Reach to 50K registered MallStars
  • Build a community of 100K MallStars
  • Reach to 1K DAU on our App
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Reach 100K registered MallStars
  • Release our APP into Apple and Google stores
  • Launch our genesis NFT collection (MallCards)
  • Marketplace Closed Beta Release
  • Metaverse Private Demo Release (ChatGPT-powered)
  • Secure Project Partnerships and Deal Flows
  • TGE
  • Staking Release (MallBank)
  • DEX & CEX listings
  • Marketplace Public Beta Release
  • 3D Creator Studio Launch
  • Tinder-like Launchpad Release
  • Land NFT Sale (Shops with Yield Bearing Perks)
  • Launch of Mallconomy Metaverse Shopping Mall with ChatGPT-powered AI Avatars
  • What is Mallconomy and how does it work?

    Mallconomy is a Community-Driven Web3 e-Commerce platform, building the most fun shopping mall experience in the Metaverse. Users can engage with each other, creators and brands, to earn passive income and other rewards. The possibilities are limitless with Mallconomy - engage with brands to earn rewards, own & build your own store, rent your store, or simply become a MallCard holder and enjoy a variety of passive income options.

  • What are MallCard NFTs and how do they work?

    MallCards are unique identifiers that give owners 'Mallconomy Partner' status. Just as with any partnership, Mallconomy Partners benefit from revenue sharing, passive income, brand rewards, store sale priorities & future launchpad sales.

  • What are the benefits of owning a MallCard NFT?

    Mallconomy is building the best Shopping Mall experience in the Metaverse. Become a Mallcard Owner and don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

  • How can I earn rewards with MallCard NFTs?

    Join Mallconomy Rewards Hub to generate passive income, enhance your Metaverse profile, collaborate with diverse brands, and receive numerous rewards from our affiliated partners. Additionally, MallCard owners earn from each user they refer to Mallconomy. Earn from each transactions your referrals do on Mallconomy Marketplace or MallCard purchases.

  • How do I purchase MallCard NFTs and what are the payment options?

    MallCard sale ended. You can buy MallCards from secondary markets.

  • How do I use the referral link and earn rewards?

    Just play your part, refer your friends and hold onto your MallCard! You'll even earn a cut of all your friends NFT purchases. Stay active in the community to supercharge your passive earnings!

  • How can I withdraw my referral earnings and what are the requirements?

    Only MallCard owners will be able to remove their earnings. You may visit MallStar app to find out how much you earned and how to withdraw your earnings.

  • What is the Mallconomy community and how can I get involved?

    We are on a mission to build the most fun shopping mall with our passionate and meritocratic community of #MallStars. You may join this continuously growing community by simple clicking on our social icons at the bottom of the page.

  • What is MallCard Marketplace and how does it work?

    Discover the power of Passive Income with Mallconomy's revolutionary NFT Marketplace! Gain easy access to a lifetime of passive income, earn amazing rewards and seize your chance to partner with respected brands. The ultimate Metaverse Marketplace for buyers and sellers! Mallconomy's Marketplace is a one of kind, Web3 store, where the power is in the hands of our community. Vote for the projects you love, market the best to your network.

  • How do I become a MallStar? What are the benefits?

    With MallStar app, you can help Mallconomy grow by completing easy daily tasks and get rewarded for each and every action! The MallStar App is the hottest airdrop in town! Join our passionate and meritocratic community of 190,000 strong MallStars!