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Build the Best Shopping Mall

Join the Metaverse's most fun shopping mall and work, rent, own or lease a store to start building your retail empire!

Tech stack:
Polygon Ready Player Me Unreal Engine SpatialOS Stardust Microsoft MongoDb
Welcome to Mallconomy

Welcome to Mallconomy

Join our journey to build a community-based gamified Metaverse Shopping Mall that empowers people to start, build and grow a business of the future.


Launch your Business

Build your community with top-notch immersive showrooming, starting from low as $149 p/m

Create or Work

Join forces with thousands of brands and gamers to define the future of work in Metaverse

Play the Game

Invest your time or money to unlock the profits and joy of a robust GameFi

5 MILLION $WOOT tokens!

Earn your share of 5 MILLION $WOOT tokens, in our free to join, in-house co-creation bounty campaign. Complete easy, daily social tasks and be rewarded for each and every action!

The Mallconomy Co-Creation Bounty Campaign is the hottest airdrop in town!

Join our passionate and meritocratic community of 120,000 strong #MallStars!

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Join our community and bounty contest with one click and start earning with Mallconomy!


Complete the actions

Each week complete fresh actions and take your place in our meritocratic creator economy.


Be active

Your telegram and discord activity is also a way to earn, engage more and earn more tokens on autopilot!


Claim your tokens

Become a valuable community member and start claiming your tokens before anyone else!

Mallverse the Game

Join the game to build your retail empire with "Work, Own, Operate, Transfer" financial model.

Our diverse, sustainable and meritocratic economy is specially designed to reward gamers with fun elements of GameFi.



Start your career in the Metaverse! Mallconomy offers a range of jobs from newbies to professionals, either working in the game, or just like in real life. Train your avatar towards autonomy and our AI will take over simple tasks, to enable your income growth potential in Mallconomy. Serve Customers, promote products, earn tips and complete daily quests and tasks to earn your keep.



Take control of your game using your entrepreneurial spirit, that's what owning a store or premium NFTs in Mallconomy is all about! Why not visit the Mallbank to secure a loan to fund your growing business empire, or apply for a mortgage to own your very own piece of prime Metaverse ecommerce real estate. Work for yourself or hire real people to work on your behalf. Build your empire and sell it on and secure the business deal of a lifetime!



There are a number of unique ways to manage your store within Mallconomy. Either you can manage your store on your own, hire another to manage your store on your behalf, or set our AI to work to automate your store 24/7. Alternatively, budding entrepreneurs can simply buy stores and rent them directly to another user, using our in-mall leasing options. Don't have enough to buy a store? Why not check out the MallBank!



The fun part is always to build your own strategy and play your way, buy and sell as you wish with our own marketplace or other marketplaces, and transfer your valuable NFTs to other players and collectors. Mallconomy is building a robust economy, with upgrade cards that will have hundreds of premium NFTs issued from each collection. Enjoy the NFT and gaming revolution, while we are building the most fun shopping mall experience around, to work, own, operate and transfer!

What's coming?

Are you ready for a gamified one-stop-shop Metaverse mall experience, allowing people to explore thousands of brands frictionlessly and promote ownership for all.

Play to earn

The Game

Your very own store in the Metaverse awaits! Rent, lease or buy your store. Train your avatar to work autonomously over time for 24/7 earnings!


Our in-house, turn key lending solution to enable users to unlock additional funding, to help them build within our Metaverse.


Our centre for creators, designers, personal shoppers and developers to unlock new skills and scale their growth within the Metaverse.


Brands, creators and entrepreneurs can headhunt our diverse Metaverse talent marketplace to meet recruitment needs both in mall and out!

Join the Mall Foundation

Join our community of innovative metaverse startups today and see what is possible to achieve together.

We are proud to have the opportunity to be a part of each of The Mall Foundation member's journeys.

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Meet the $WOOT token!

Our main ecosystem currency and the native driving force to fuel our creator economy. $WOOT is a Polygon Blockchain token, which runs on Ethereum with low transaction fees.

WOOT is an abbreviation of a well-known gaming term, "Wow! Loot!", it is an acronym of "Work, Own, Operate, Transfer." itself a modified version of one of the most well-known Financial Models: “Build, Operate, Transfer” (BOT).


$WOOT token

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#Mallverse Expansion

With ambitious plans for the future, our plan is to build a concept that people love, and then build additional, sustainable revenue streams.

Q2 2022
  • Project Initialisation
  • Website launch
  • Secure Advisory Board
  • Build a community of 1K MallStars
Q3 2022
  • Secure Tech Partnerships
  • Build a community of 10K MallStars
  • Launch our gamified Web App
  • Reach to 1K DAU on our App
  • Fundraising Round
Q4 2022
  • Reach to 50K APP registers
  • Release our APP into Apple and Google stores
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Release Launch our genesis NFT collection (MallCards)
  • 3D Designer (Creator) Studio Release
  • Web3 Asset Manager release
  • Markerplace Launch
Q1 2023
  • TGE
  • Staking Release (MallBank)
  • Listing DEX
  • Airdrop
  • Audits
  • Virtual Dressing Room & Catwalk App Release
  • MVP Beta Release (the Mall Game)
Q2 2023
  • The Mallverse begins, a triple-A VR game with improved real-life dynamics and best-in-class graphics
  • Grow the economy. Our white-glove onboarding process for brands and retailers will introduce a whole new element to our economy
  • Our recruitment portal opens, allowing brands and retailers to recruit directly from an EdTech academy-trained talent pool
  • Listing CEX
  • Secure Brand Partnerships

Meet the Team

Our team has a combined 210 years of total working experience and over 75.5 years of combined experience working together.

  • Zack Yurtsever
    Zack Yurtsever
    Project Lead
    Serial entrepreneur co-founded FCA
    regulated fintech Pynk,
    20+ years start-up experience,
    in crypto since 2016,
    Product Marketing & Growth
  • Yigit Nalkiran
    Yigit Nalkiran
    Tech Lead
    15+ years tech & start-up experience,
    in crypto since 2017,
    Worked with EU,
    Pynk and Otoredi,
    Full-Stack Developer, CTO
  • Koray Kavruk
    Koray Kavruk
    Lead Dev
  • Efe Nalkiran
    Efe Nalkiran
    Test/QA Specialist
  • Ugur Yetiskin
    Ugur Yetiskin
    Creative Director
  • Melike Koca
    Melike Koca
    3D Artist
  • Al Wallace
    Al Wallace
  • Yigit Gok
    Yigit Gok
  • Deyner Fernandez
    Deyner Fernandez
  • Simon Wheeldon
    Simon Wheeldon
  • Matt J Collins
    Matt J Collins
  • Karlo Koren
    Karlo Koren
  • Stefano Baldassari
    Stefano Baldassari
  • Kaaba Yahaya
    Kaaba Yahaya
In total, we are a team of 30, positioned across 4 continents, with ambition to grow!

Key Advisors

We're proud to be working together with an exceptional team of trusted key advisors, angel investors and shadow board members of the Mallconomy.

  • Rupert Barksfield
    +15 years start-up experience,
    founder of Amulet and worked
    with Google and Android
  • Louis-Stéphane Legrand
    +10 years algorithmic trading
    and machine learning
    experience with JPMorgan,
    Barclays, BNP and MUFG
  • Quin Thames
    +10 years as a Software Engineer
    ML at Google and at JPL
    Crypto Fund manager at Parkour Ventures
  • Erika Rosenstein
    +5 years PR and investor relations experience with tech start-ups, politicians and a Global Fortune 500
  • Nadja Bester
    +16 years of marketing experience, blockchain CMO and fundraising advisor, consultant, board member, journalist, award-winning startup mentor
  • Don Tsai
    +15 years of award-winning expertise in game development, Founder of First Wave Ventures. Creator of the play-for-reward pilot game with Monopoly in collaboration with Hasbro Asia
  • Armand Brunelle
    +4 years cybersecurity, machine
    learning and fraud experience
    with Microsoft and GitCoin.
  • Robert Gray
    10 years of global recruitment experience across iGaming, fintech & retail with Pentasia, Headcount, WMI and CPL
  • Jin Chung
    +14 years of global business and +7 years of blockchain consulting/research experience. Blockchain startup cofounder, futurist
  • Safak Kayran
    5 years crypto marketing experience, Founder at Ingama & Co Founder at Ethylene and worked with Huobi and Seedify
  • Taner Aydin
    +15 years shopping mall
    management and REIT
    experience with Torunlar A.S.
    and Avrupakent A.S.
  • Michael Raven
    Founder of Blazon Agency, two times startup exits, raised over £150M+ and advisor for the world's largest fund, the €95.5 billion European Commission fund
  • Sammy Verghese
    6 x Founder. Entrepreneur, Investor & Advisor for multiple blockchain and Web2 projects. Portfolio manager in Web3 for HNW clients. Raised $25 million+
  • Daniel Cronin
    +10 years of Fintech and Banking experience, founder of Integrated Finance, Angel Investor and Advisor of the Sandbox

Join the Team

Join our global team and help us to build the Metaverse's most fun shopping mall for gamers, users, brands and the passionate Web3 Community. Our team has a combined 210 years of total working experience and over 75.5 years of combined experience working together. We often finish each other's sentences and lines of code, and occasionally lunch, when they aren't looking of course.

Full Stack Developer

Izmir, Turkey


Full Stack Developer



Lead UI/UX Developer

Izmir, Turkey


Sr. UI/UX Developer

Izmir, Turkey


Sr. Motion Graphics Designer



Community & Social Media Manager



Partnership Manager



Fractional CFO



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mallconomy?

Mallconomy is a Metaverse mall, easily accessible to everyone, even non-digital natives, regardless of social and cultural background. Our goal is to make retail shopping in the Metaverse more convenient for brands, creators, workers and owners alike. The Metaverse looks set to grow between $8 trillion and $13 trillion, in the next 8 years and currently, there is no one-stop Metaverse mall solution that meets these needs. Open 24/7, 365 days of the year and engineered from the ground up for a fun, seamless and immersive experience, Mallconomy aims to be THE go to retail experience in the bold new age of the Metaverse!

How the Game works?

There are multiple ways to play and earn with Mallconomy, so the answer to that question is up to you! Buy or rent a store, or check our jobs board and work for someone else! Signing up as an employee is totally free, and will even earn you a wage. Or why not just visit the Mall as a shoppper? Buy NFTs, play in the arcade, or visit the cinema, our Mall is open to everyone, everywhere. And the best thing is, at Mallconomy, there’s no closing time!

When is the launch date for Mallconomy?

We are still in the early stages of development, but expect the launch to be early in Q2 2022. Once timings are confirmed we will update here.

Public Sale: Q3 2022
First Hyper-Casual Game Release: Q4 2022
MVP First Release (3D Web-Based): Q4 2022
Mallconomy Metaverse 3D RPG Mobile, AR/VR Supported Launch: Q3 2023
MallBank iOS & Android App Release: Q3 2023

You can also follow our Discord, Twitter & Instagram, where details will be announced first.

How can I buy Mallconomy's native $WOOT token?

The launch of the Mallconomy native token is high on our priority list and we plan to release details for it's token sale soon. Please join our Discord group for regular updates.

What is a Mall Card?

A Mall Card will be our very first NFT. A holder will find it has massive utility for them within the game and the Mallconomy community itself. Benefits of holding one of the MallCard NFTs are:

Access to our in game and Discord VIP channels, where users will have access to launches, whitelists, discounts, offers and much more, before anyone else.

A generous airdrop of $WOOT tokens, as well as bonus rewards when completing social tasks via our ongoing bounty campaign.

Each Mall Card holder will receive a mystery box, with prizes including NFTs, tokens, or even their very own shop within the mall!

Each Mall card holder will receive an allocation of tokens to use in the in-mall arcade. Finally, holders of the Mall Card NFTs will have early access to our token sale.

Our aim is to make holding your very own Mall Card one of the most beneficial NFTs in the GameFi space!

What do I need to mint a Mallconomy Mall Card NFT?

Further details of how to mint a Mall Card will be revealed soon.

What is the Mallconomy Bounty Campaign?

At Mallconomy, we are all about our community working together to ensure that OUR project is rewarding, fun and sustainable. To help with this, we will release weekly tasks to reward our users who want to contribute to our continued success, through social media sharing, inviting friends, creating content for us, or anything else a Mallconomy member might want to do. Simply sign in to our dedicated Bounty page and complete the given tasks, each action will earn you points, which will convert into Mallconomy’s native token $WOOT in time. Think of it as the ultimate, free to enter, never ending airdrop!

Join our Community

We are on a mission to build the most fun shopping mall with our passionate and meritocratic community of #MallStars.